Duolingo Review

Of all the free language learning websites I've looked at, Duolingo is probably the easiest one to use.

The website is friendly and interactive to make it both simple and fun to learn a new language. In addition to text, Duolingo utilizes your microphone and speakers to teach you how to speak and understand other languages.

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Languages You Can Learn at Duolingo

Visit the Courses page at Duolingo to see which languages you can learn

For example, German speakers can only learn EnglishFrench, and Spanish, whereas English speakers can learn all the languages listed below (excluding English).

Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, French, German, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Klingon, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

How Duolingo Works

There are dozens of sets of lessons at Duolingo called Skills. Some of them include the following: Basics, Phrases, Food, Present, Adjectives, Plurals, Family, Questions, Numbers, Household, Colors, Comparison, Qualifiers, Prepositions, Dates & Time, Nature, and Medical.

The lessons include images, text, and audio, and sometimes has you speak into a microphone (if you have one) to test your speaking and pronunciation skills.

You can take each lesson one after the other to gradually move into more difficult concepts, or you can choose Test out to take one quiz that combines a little of each lesson into one big test.

A couple test out options are available for a handful of skills. If you pass a test out, you can move over all of those lessons and start somewhere a bit more advanced.

Because Duolingo works this way, it can be beneficial for both someone who needs to brush up on their language skills as well as someone who's brand new to the language.

An Immersion section of Duolingo's website has you translate real articles on the Internet. You can also correct the translations done by other users. As you learn new words with Duolingo, they will be stored in the Words section of the site for you to access and review any time you need to.

You get points as you complete tasks, so you can setup a daily goal to require that you can reach a certain number of points. This helps you stay focused and determined to reach your daily goal.

A user account isn't required to use Duolingo, but it's recommended if you want to keep track of your progress.

Duolingo also has free mobile apps for learning a new language so you can take the lessons with you wherever you go.

My Thoughts on Duolingo

The MOST important thing when learning nouns in French - one MUST memorize the definite or indefinite article along with the noun. 
Definite Article
le = the (masculine) 
la = the (feminine
les = the (plural)
Indefinite Article
un = a or an (masculine)
une = a or an (feminine)
Do not use an app that doesn't include an article before the noun! Knowing whether a nouns is a "boy thing or a girl thing" is critical when one starts learning adjectives. 
So Duolingo is great. Not only do I love to throw it's use into the classroom, the kids love it as well. Perfect for when you are waiting for the orthodontist or the kids are complaining in the backseat of the car!

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What People Are Saying About Young French Scholars

I have learned so much with Madame Liv. Grammar. Culture. Conjugation of verbs. Bread, Nutella and planning our trip to France are some of my favorite things!
-- Emmy, Student

After-School Classes

After school programs are a great way to introduce children to foreign language. Convenient because generally your school PTSA sponsors the event allowing for your child to attend classes on campus. No additional pick-up or drop for that day!

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* current classes are being held at Peter Kirk Elementary, Lakeview Montessori and Young French Scholars


Sometimes it just isn’t clicking. Sometimes it’s just overwhelming. Ask Madame Liv for help like countless other students have done. Bring that grade back up to the A where it belongs.

Want or need some extra help?

Ebook/video lessons coming soon!

When I tutor students because they are not doing so well in their classes, I find one thing in common with all of them … they don’t know the basics. Young French Scholars is in the process of creating videos for an eBook and also for YFS students to use to help them in their learning process.

Set up that laptop while you’re making dinner, press play, and enjoy some learning time for yourself and your kiddos!

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