About Young French Scholars Educator Liv Grohn

About Liv Grohn French Teacher

Madame Liv GROHN earned her Bachelor of Arts and Teacher Certification from the University of Washington in 1989 and has instructed hundreds of children and high school students over the past two decades. Mme. Liv’s passion and enthusiasm is contagious and her curriculum vast to engage students on multiple levels.

* Did you know that the French always capitalize the last name? In English, Liv Grohn. In French, Madame Liv GROHN.

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What People Are Saying About Young French Scholars

I love to learn new stuff with you every Tuesday! Because you are a master of French, I think!
-- Olivienne, Student

After-School Classes

After school programs are a great way to introduce children to foreign language. Convenient because generally your school PTSA sponsors the event allowing for your child to attend classes on campus. No additional pick-up or drop for that day!

Want After-School Classes at your school?

* current classes are being held at Peter Kirk Elementary, Lakeview Montessori and Young French Scholars


Sometimes it just isn’t clicking. Sometimes it’s just overwhelming. Ask Madame Liv for help like countless other students have done. Bring that grade back up to the A where it belongs.

Want or need some extra help?

Ebook/video lessons coming soon!

When I tutor students because they are not doing so well in their classes, I find one thing in common with all of them … they don’t know the basics. Young French Scholars is in the process of creating videos for an eBook and also for YFS students to use to help them in their learning process.

Set up that laptop while you’re making dinner, press play, and enjoy some learning time for yourself and your kiddos!

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